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Rare Gaymes #11: It's my birthday and i'll FUCK if I want to

2012-05-03 17:51:10 by Joeypwnsjoo

Starting with this edition of my long running rare gaymes posts, I will no longer adding 'part ____' in the title because it implies it's a continuation of something when it is really just another "episode", so to speak.


Yeah bitch shake that ass up in here.

Now, for the record, these post showcase games/demo/hacks/mods that I like , and which aren't in the mainstream, you may feel free to give requests, but unless I like the game, and I has some videos on youtube, Vimeo or Revver (Why can't embed blip.tv videos yet is beyond me. Fuck Gametrailers.), and It has some material the I can use. I probably won't accept it.

Anyway, let's get straight to the games now shall we.

Today's theme: Whatever the fuck I want

1#: Herman and the falling rocks

Manufacturer: Carmacon inc.
System: Windows 3.1
Year: 1992

In this game you play a creepy skull joker face thing named Herman who's objective is to collect some underground flowers (Why there are flowers growing underground without any source of sunlight or water is beyond me.) while avoiding falling rocks. (hence the title.) It gets tricky at times, and infact it's not really all that exciting to play. But it's good for the nostalgia factor.

The game seems to be a ripoff of another not very well know windows bolder dash clone named Watch out, Willi! (Which link directs to a Java port.) There's no videos of this game on Youtube however, so where going with Herman for now.

#2 : Micropenis Hover!

Manufacturer: Micro$oft
System: Windows 95
Year: 1995

A free game included with Windows 95 installation CD, it's like Doom but with hovercars.

Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away

#3:Jewel Box

Manufacturer: Micro Imaginering
System: Macintosh OS7-8
Year: 1992

It's a clone of Columns with some nice background music.


#4: Donner Party

Manufacturer: The good folks at badderhacks.net
System: NES
Year: 2011

A completely racist & batshit crazy Rom Hack of Monster Party for the NES, where you play as a skinhead with an enormous cock who is trapped in Ke$ha's asshole. Your goal is to beat down random n199ers, and subsequently transform into a mermaid and swim across and oil soaked ocean. Among some other weird shit.

Dick pounding, n199er beating fun. EAT OUR MEAT!

#5 Beyond the Ice Palace

Manufacturer: Elite Systems
Systems: Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Amiga, Amstrad CPC and Atari ST (C64 version Below)
Year: 1988

Well I need something to finish this off. This is a 2D Side Scrolling adventure who's plot is essentially another generic fantasy story that involves some barbarian bitch looking for a sacred arrow to "destroy the powers of darkness" with

More info here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beyond_the_Ice_Pal ace


And now to end with this gay Gmod screenshot I took a while back.

P.S. Fuck Egoraptor I'm tired of looking at his ugly mug every place I go.

Rare Gaymes #11: It's my birthday and i'll FUCK if I want to


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2012-06-19 18:18:42

I find it funny that you put all that hard work into your news post and no body posted in it for over a month.

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Nobody loves me :'(


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Ego N Friends

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echo..echoo.. *spreeads*

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bunga bunga


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sprerwssds the necro hjole *hole

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And they say that a HERO CAN SAVE US