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Joeypwnsjoo's News

Posted by Joeypwnsjoo - May 3rd, 2012

Starting with this edition of my long running rare gaymes posts, I will no longer adding 'part ____' in the title because it implies it's a continuation of something when it is really just another "episode", so to speak.


Yeah bitch shake that ass up in here.

Now, for the record, these post showcase games/demo/hacks/mods that I like , and which aren't in the mainstream, you may feel free to give requests, but unless I like the game, and I has some videos on youtube, Vimeo or Revver (Why can't embed blip.tv videos yet is beyond me. Fuck Gametrailers.), and It has some material the I can use. I probably won't accept it.

Anyway, let's get straight to the games now shall we.

Today's theme: Whatever the fuck I want

1#: Herman and the falling rocks

Manufacturer: Carmacon inc.
System: Windows 3.1
Year: 1992

In this game you play a creepy skull joker face thing named Herman who's objective is to collect some underground flowers (Why there are flowers growing underground without any source of sunlight or water is beyond me.) while avoiding falling rocks. (hence the title.) It gets tricky at times, and infact it's not really all that exciting to play. But it's good for the nostalgia factor.

The game seems to be a ripoff of another not very well know windows bolder dash clone named Watch out, Willi! (Which link directs to a Java port.) There's no videos of this game on Youtube however, so where going with Herman for now.

#2 : Micropenis Hover!

Manufacturer: Micro$oft
System: Windows 95
Year: 1995

A free game included with Windows 95 installation CD, it's like Doom but with hovercars.

Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away

#3:Jewel Box

Manufacturer: Micro Imaginering
System: Macintosh OS7-8
Year: 1992

It's a clone of Columns with some nice background music.


#4: Donner Party

Manufacturer: The good folks at badderhacks.net
System: NES
Year: 2011

A completely racist & batshit crazy Rom Hack of Monster Party for the NES, where you play as a skinhead with an enormous cock who is trapped in Ke$ha's asshole. Your goal is to beat down random n199ers, and subsequently transform into a mermaid and swim across and oil soaked ocean. Among some other weird shit.

Dick pounding, n199er beating fun. EAT OUR MEAT!

#5 Beyond the Ice Palace

Manufacturer: Elite Systems
Systems: Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Amiga, Amstrad CPC and Atari ST (C64 version Below)
Year: 1988

Well I need something to finish this off. This is a 2D Side Scrolling adventure who's plot is essentially another generic fantasy story that involves some barbarian bitch looking for a sacred arrow to "destroy the powers of darkness" with

More info here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beyond_the_Ice_Pal ace


And now to end with this gay Gmod screenshot I took a while back.

P.S. Fuck Egoraptor I'm tired of looking at his ugly mug every place I go.

Rare Gaymes #11: It's my birthday and i'll FUCK if I want to

Posted by Joeypwnsjoo - February 13th, 2012

Where is my fucking user header goddamit fuck you.

This redesign looks like shit

Posted by Joeypwnsjoo - January 19th, 2012

As I am a Newgrounds troll, I am also an American troll, and it is my duty to say: FUCK SOPA, PIPA, NDAA, ACTA and all other bullshit laws that seek to turn my good old whitebread America into a cooperate owned dictatorship.

In other news, here's a shitty political cartoon of what kind of person I think Lamar Smith is.

Also, yes this is esentally an edited version of the shitty hentai Image I used in my previous news post.

jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj FUCK NI6GERS AND JEWS (Because they support SOPA)

I hope somebody crashes a plane into Lamar Smith's house

Posted by Joeypwnsjoo - December 17th, 2011

After a long ass period of browsing much better sites and extreme laziness , the super faggot Joeypwnsjoo returns with a burning vengeance with this crummy blog post that only a few people will read.

As you've probably might have guessed from the title, we're gonna be showcasing game from japan, most of which I either consider personal favorites and are not all that popular, or just some shit that I thought would be good for this post.

#1: Hebereke

Manufacturer: Sunsoft
System: NES
Year: 1991

Released in Europe as Ufouria (and both versions will be shown), It's essentially your standard Metroidvania platformer with bits of Super Mario Bros 2. I personally like the original Japanese version better because Bop-Louie looks like ass, and they fUCKING REPLACED CUTE LITTLE OH-CHAN WITH SOME UGLY ASS BUBBLUN RIPOFF GOD DAMN IT SUNSOFT FUCKFUCKFUCK

Localized version (Ufouria)

Fuck Freeon-Leon ok

#2: Hashire Hebereke

Manufacturer: Sunsoft (Again)
System: SNES
Year: 1994

Yes that last game actually started a series, this ones a racing game, sort of like a 2D Overhead Mario Kart

Useless shitty fact:"Hebereke" is a Japanese word meaning something like drunk or plastered, just putting it out there.

#3: Thexder

Manufacturer: Game Arts
System: Various (Below is the DOS version)
Year: 1985

Thexder is essentially the first ever run and gun game (predating contra even, by 2 years). Not exactly a "rare game" per se, but still qualifies somewhat.


#4: VS. Block Buster

Manufacturer: Kaneko
System: Arcade
Year: 1997

Yeah this game was featured on Weird Video Games on Blistered Thumbs once, but hey, it's a good game to smoke some of dAt G00D fUCKING WEED TO N166/-\ GOD DAMN.

Hey hey hey hey, smoke weed everyday --- Dr. Dre

5#: O-chan no Oekaki Logic

Manufacturer: Sunsoft
System: SNES, Saturn, PlayStation ,Wonderswan (Saturn version below)
Year: 1995


In all seriousness though, it's more or less a clone of Mario Picross, except with my favorite character in the entire series as a main character this time around, a cutesy ass kitty/small girl in a cat suit known only as o-chan.

This comment has received too many negative votes
ME chinese! me play joke! Me go peepee in your coke! -SilverDeathGuns2324

And now, since I'm out of good entries for this post's theme, I'd like to make a most important announcement. Currently, some greedy corporate fascist fag fucks are trying to push two bills of great evil to suppress our precious freedom of speech, as well as the forth amendment of the U.S. Constitution, all in the name of, quote unquote "to stop online piracy and enforce copyrights."

And what's worse, eventually they might coax other countries to do the same, so for non-americans,
You could be next.

Don't let those old corrupt imperialistic cuntfucks get their way. If you're American, I'd like you to help out in the good fight and stop SOPA/PIPA. For Non-Americans, You can help out too, spread the word to help someone who is American step up and fight. Tell these greedy copyright extremists that you don't like their two bullshit bills and that they better got rid of there outdated business models or die off like the dinosaurs they are.



Posted by Joeypwnsjoo - August 11th, 2010



Posted by Joeypwnsjoo - May 21st, 2010


hi fuck you

Posted by Joeypwnsjoo - April 1st, 2010

Fuck bacon

Kevin Bacon has anal warts

Posted by Joeypwnsjoo - January 11th, 2010

Though I'm sure you probably don't care anyway.

But yeah, still the same old shitty website that still getting shittier by the moment, I hope my stomach's up to this shit.

P.S. adfadfadfafa

It's been a long time since I last logged on

Posted by Joeypwnsjoo - August 16th, 2009

Clock where so much better back in 2003 than today, I personally think they died when rupee joined, which then the clock crew slowly declined and now it's not even in the same spirit as it used to.

Contradict me if you like, but I think rupee killed the clock crew, and then other a-holes soon followed.

Oh, and 2003 was their heyday, or atleast the clock submissions where better back then, unlike today.

And now, the specs for 2 gay collabs with I need more parts for If I'm to work on them further.

550 x 400 Resolution
(Anti Sonic-Shorts collab.) Flash CS4 or below (AS 2.0 only)
(NiN10Doh TV GAYm3 6) Flash 8 or below
Black Background color (#000000 or Red: 0 Green: 0 Blue: 0)
Max FLA size: 135 MB (It was 35 MB originally but I felt it was too limiting.)
Audio Quality (Both in Stream and event): 128 kps stereo
24 FPS

Collab rules: (to be revised a bit)
1# Shit flash is accepted, unless it's terribly unfunny.
2# No shitty internet memes, including but not limited to those from 4chan, YTMND, The NG BBS, Something awful and so on, Star Syndicate, the Back alleys and Legion of doom fads are acceptable though.
3# Remember to put you FLAs in zip files when transferred, add them with all the fonts used (Excluding system fonts), an swf of that same FLA for preview, and a text file with your username, NG account URL, A list of all the music used and at least a short description.
4# I reserve the right to edit your parts anyway I like, like changing music and graphics, adding and removing scenes, etc.
5# For the time being their is no deadline, although I might add one if necessary.

When you done (And if your part complies with the above specs and rules.) You can send your shit to the following.

1# My email: Joeypwnsjoo@gmail.com
2# Instant messaging

AIM: Joeypwnsjoong
MSN: Joeymac1337@hotmail.com

3# Though private messaging via megaupload, rapidshare, spamtheweb or any upload service worth it's salt.

And now, a gay vdeo.

/* */

Posted by Joeypwnsjoo - July 2nd, 2009

I'm too tired.

In other unrelated news, I have returned to Newgrounds even though this place sucks and you probably don't give a shit, but hey look tom put in an art portal. (Which already became a Deviantart like shithole, but hey thats what you get for making something for a website already tainted with Anime/Nintendo obsessed shitheads.)

Enough of my gay babbling, lets get to the games already.

First off, here's M.Y.T.H. (For the Amiga, C64 and ZX Spectrum)

Link to mobygames page because I'm lazy

/* */

Rare game no. 2: M.O.O.D. (For the Commodore 64)

Some homebrew game, yeah I know the title is a pun on DOOM.

/* */

Osmozys (For the Atari Jaguar)

Another homebrew game, made for the Jagcode II contest.

/* */

Finally, here's Wasteland (For DOS)

This one's for fans of the fallout series, (like myself), this was the game that spawned the entire fallout franchise.

/* */
Ohh, and as for my gay flash projects, the anti-sonic shorts collab is on hold for now, but feel free to send me parts, I'm also not gonna work on the N1N10doh satire unless I receive more parts for it. Look on the previous post (Which is months old, holy cow.) for specs.

And now a gay picture to end this.

Rare Games part 9, fhhhhh